Beatie Wolfe: Orange Juice for the Ears at The Barbican

Beatie Wolfe: Orange Juice for the Ears  at Barbican London.

‘Musical weirdo and visionary’ (Vice) Beatie Wolfe presents an experiential evening of film, live performance and conversation.

In Oliver Sacks’s Musicophilia he writes ‘Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears — it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear.’ Taking that as inspiration, Wolfe explores what music can look like in the digital age, asking what has been lost, what can be reclaimed and what remains to be updated and innovated. Following the premiere of a documentary about her work (directed by Ross Harris), Wolfe will perform live and take part in a Q&A with Evening Standard Digital Editor in ChiefDavid Tomchak.

A singer-songwriter of raw acoustic indie channelling Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith, Wolfe also pioneers new formats for music. Reuniting digital and physical in retro-future ways she has created a theatre in the palm of your hand, a wearable record ‘jacket’, and beamed her record into space using the Holmdel Horn Antenna.